Weekly Planning: Back-to-School Edition

Here we go…back-to-school is upon us! And honestly…it feels overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. The good news is that we will get through this. I really believe that. One thing that I am going to do this year to help alleviate some of the craziness is to start a family weekly planning routine. Planning notContinue reading “Weekly Planning: Back-to-School Edition”

The Benefits of Having a Weekly Planning Routine

Weekly planning is one of the things I am a strong advocate for. Planning not only helps you to be more productive, but having a well planned week has many other benefits like reducing stress, helping you maintain healthy habits, and may even save you some time. Creating a planning routine or habit can beContinue reading “The Benefits of Having a Weekly Planning Routine”

How to Celebrate National Time Management Month

February is National Time Management Month. I’m not sure this calls for an actual celebration, but it is a good time to think about how effectively you are managing yours. We all have the same amount of time in our day, it all depends on how we use it – I know, you’ve definitely heardContinue reading “How to Celebrate National Time Management Month”