Meet Jenn DePauw

Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach

With over 25-years business experience, I have always garnered great satisfaction helping others achieve their greatest potential – in life, at home, and in business.

It is my belief that work-life balance may work for some, but to others it feels like an insurmountable hurdle. My focus is to always help my clients be more efficient and more organized with a goal of work-life integration. This approach allows each of us to focus our time and energy in ways that work for us as individuals at whatever life stage we are in.

For years I have used my operations experience to help companies run efficiently, productively, and operationally sound. This is the same experience I bring to every engagement with my clients. Whether you are a family seeking a more organized home, an individual wanting to improve your efficiency, or a small business owner needing to organize your team or office, I believe that good skills and healthy habits are the cornerstones to success.

Passionate about organization and productivity, I wants this next stage of my life and career to focus on helping others get their priorities organized. My commonsense approach to organization and productivity can help you to successfully run your household, or your business.

Organized Priorities, LLC

Started in 2019, Organized Priorities helps individuals and small businesses achieve their greatest potential by ensuring they have the necessary tools, routines, and processes to make life more organized, more productive, and a little easier.

In-person, or virtual engagements focus on the areas that truly impact your life, home or business. Our services are tailored to your individual needs recognizing that your time is valuable. We are committed to your success.

For those looking for practical and timely tips on living a more organized and balanced life, we also have The Organized Priorities Blog. This organization and lifestyle blog offers entertaining and relevant information about living a more full and organized life.

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