Organized Priorities Monthly Book Recommendation

October 2020 Each month I recommend something that I have read, want to read, or may currently be reading, which may give you some value. The books may be business-related, self-help, home organization, or just entertainment. This month, I want to recommend one that I am currently reading. It’s very timely because of the popularityContinue reading “Organized Priorities Monthly Book Recommendation”

Are You Prepared for Disruption?

Disclaimer: While this post comes from my personal experience, I’m happy to say that all is good, and our household is on the mend. We were also lucky that our situation was not serious. Every case will be different and you absolutely need to follow the advice of your own physician based on your ownContinue reading “Are You Prepared for Disruption?”

Routines to Get Back to School

And Not Lose Your Mind! Ok, maybe I can’t stop you from losing your mind this crazy back-to-school season, but I can talk to you a little about routines for your morning, afternoon, and the witching hour (some people might call it the evening!). Morning Routines Your morning routine sets your tone for the day.Continue reading “Routines to Get Back to School”

Weekly Planning: Back-to-School Edition

Here we go…back-to-school is upon us! And honestly…it feels overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. The good news is that we will get through this. I really believe that. One thing that I am going to do this year to help alleviate some of the craziness is to start a family weekly planning routine. Planning notContinue reading “Weekly Planning: Back-to-School Edition”

Back to School Is Here – Tips for Back-to-School Organization

Even though COVID has made things feel unsettled and different this year kids will be going back to school in some way, shape, or form. Whether you are doing in-school learning, remote learning, or homeschooling it’s time to start making a plan for a smooth transition from summer to school. Hopefully, with a little planning,Continue reading “Back to School Is Here – Tips for Back-to-School Organization”

Summer Meal Planning – A Three Part Series to Help Create a Meal Planning Habit

Part 1 – Summer is a Great Time to Start a Meal Planning Routine While planning meals in the summer is not really different than meal planning any other time of the year, summer can be a great time to get yourself into a routine and create a new habit. Check out this post forContinue reading “Summer Meal Planning – A Three Part Series to Help Create a Meal Planning Habit”