September Self-Care Wrap Up

Throughout the month of September, I have been sharing self-care tips on social media in honor of Self-care Awareness Month. These were some of the ways that you can take some time out of each day in order to take care of yourself.

The self-care items that I shared came from the very first challenge that I put out into the Social Media Universe. The challenge was to make a list of things that you can do this month to focus on taking care of you. I was happy to share some of the items on my list.

This brings us to the final tip that I am going to give, and the last item on my list.

Make a promise to yourself that the self-care challenge doesn’t end here!

Self-care is essential to showing up as the best version of yourself. September may be about self-care awareness, but that doesn’t mean you ignore it the other 11-months of the year. 

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