Summer Meal Planning – A Three Part Series to Help Create a Meal Planning Habit

Part 1 – Summer is a Great Time to Start a Meal Planning Routine

While planning meals in the summer is not really different than meal planning any other time of the year, summer can be a great time to get yourself into a routine and create a new habit. Check out this post for some of the benefits of meal planning.

Part 2 – Finding a Meal Planning Strategy That Works

There are quite a few ways to approach meal planning, but the key is to find the strategy that works for you. 

Part 3 – Meal Planning Tips and Tricks

Once you commit to the planning, and figure out your style, you can apply some of these tips and tricks to make it even easier.

Having a meal planning routine that works for you is a great way to give your daily schedule a productivity boost. And, cutting down on the “what should we eat for dinner?” is a real evening sanity saver. I would love to hear how meal planning works for you. Share your feedback in the comments.

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