Declutter and Organize While Social Distancing – A Three Part Blog Series to Help With Your Clutter Clearing

Part 1 – You Want to Declutter. Now What?

This part helps you to create a strategy for your decluttering project. Whether you go room by room, one category at a time, or using blocks of time, you will be able to figure out what plan works best for you.

Part 2 – Clear the Clutter – How to Declutter Your Space

The second part of this series will give you tips and how-tos to tackle your project.

Part 3 – Clear the Clutter – What to Do After You Unclutter

The last part of this series will help your decide what to do with the stuff you are decluttering. This post includes links that will help you find resources to take your decluttered items. It also includes some helpful tips on how to stay uncluttered.

I hope you found some helpful tips and tidbits in this series. Please share in the comments what you are decluttering, and how it’s coming along. And don’t forget those before and after photos!

Published by Jenn DePauw - Organized Priorities

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