Declutter and Spring Clean Kids’ Closets

My post from yesterday focused on this week being National Clutter Awareness Week and Clean Your Closet Week. You can read it here if you would like to catch up. I’ve also been focusing on my own Operation Spring Cleaning and Decluttering, so this week I am putting a focus on getting closets in order.Continue reading “Declutter and Spring Clean Kids’ Closets”

National Clutter Awareness Week and National Clean Your Closet Week

Operation Spring Cleaning and Decluttering – March 21-27, 2021 When was the last time you went through and purged some of your clutter? When was the last time you cleaned out your closet? If you can’t remember the last time for either, then this week may be just the push you need. This week isContinue reading “National Clutter Awareness Week and National Clean Your Closet Week”

What Do You Need to Declutter?

You’re ready to let go of some of the clutter in your life! This is great news because we know that decluttering is good for you in quite a few ways. It helps to relieve stress, it saves you time because you spend less time looking for things, and it becomes easier to keep yourContinue reading “What Do You Need to Declutter?”

Create a Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Strategy

Next week is Clutter Awareness Week and National Clean Out Your Closet Week. It’s a great kickoff for Organized Priorities Operation Spring Cleaning and Decluttering. If you are one of those people who do Spring Cleaning every year then maybe you already have a plan on how you tackle it. If this is all newContinue reading “Create a Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Strategy”

Tips to Organize Your Home Office

Happy National Organize Your Home Office Day 2021! If you follow me on Instagram then you know by now that I love to celebrate a good “National Day of” whatever. Not that I really need an excuse for a celebration, but these days remind us to appreciate things around us that we may be takingContinue reading “Tips to Organize Your Home Office”

Once Upon a Pandemic

On Friday, March 13, 2020, I drove my son to school to pick up some books and supplies he was going to need for the two weeks that school would be closed while we work to “flatten the curve” of Coronavirus cases. As we were walking out of the school I asked him to stopContinue reading “Once Upon a Pandemic”