Meal Planning Tips and Tricks

There is a lot that can be said about meal planning, and having it be a way to make your life easier is definitely one of the biggest pluses. You have now decided to try out meal planning…but diving into it feels time consuming and hard! There are a lot of tips and tricks toContinue reading “Meal Planning Tips and Tricks”

Guest Blog – Tips and Tricks for Staying Productive with Your Marketing

Note: I am passionate about productivity and organization for both individuals and small businesses. However, I am equally passionate about supporting female owned small businesses and believe that we need to raise each other up whenever we can. So, I am so excited to feature my first guest Blogger – Georgina Miller, founder of CrabappleContinue reading “Guest Blog – Tips and Tricks for Staying Productive with Your Marketing”

Finding A Meal Planning Strategy That Works

Diving into meal planning during the summer months is a great time to get started. With the light and easy nature of the foods we choose, plus tons of grilling, you can start to develop a habit that you can carry into the fall. This post is the second of a multi part series onContinue reading “Finding A Meal Planning Strategy That Works”

Summer Is a Great Time to Start a Meal Planning Routine!

Hands down there are four words that can take me from feeling great to feeling defeated – “What should we eat?” And usually when those words are being uttered I have zero decision making power left in my body. With summer here (and being home so much!) it can be a double whammy because thoseContinue reading “Summer Is a Great Time to Start a Meal Planning Routine!”

When Saying No is a Great Big Yes

During the last few months while quarantining and social distancing…and basically just being at home a lot, I have done so many projects around the house. I’ve watched tons of movies (at least 8 Avengers movies, 11 James Bond movies, and introduced The Mayor to a ton of 80’s classics), and the amount of newContinue reading “When Saying No is a Great Big Yes”