Is It Time to Break Up With Your Filing Cabinet?

One question that keeps coming up over and over is whether or not you still need a filing cabinet. We have become much more paperless than we have in the past, and more and more documents are being stored electronically. But what do you do with those things that are still hard copies, and still need a filing place? Here are a few ideas.

Use Binders

Binders are one of my favorite ways to file things. They go so nicely on a shelf or in a closed cabinet. They can be labeled fairly easily, and the possibilities are endless on divider and folder options for binders. Things like instruction manuals and warranty information are more readily becoming available online, but there are some that you may still want to keep. A binder, a bunch of clear page protectors and you have a great place to keep manuals. This will not only keep them out of sight, but you can sort and label them to make finding the one you need easier.

Baskets and Bins

One of the main reasons that traditional filing cabinets are becoming a thing of the past is that people are looking for storage that looks great and also goes with their decor. Larger baskets or bins can be just the solution. There are tons of available options that are even big enough to hold a hanging file folder rack. If you don’t want to use hanging folders you can use a desktop stand-up file bin and traditional folders to make things easier to find. Click here for a great article and I found on Houzz that shows some really great aesthetically pleasing ideas.

 Magazine Holders

Magazine holders have long been a great way to hold onto magazines that you may refer back to. However, they can be a really good filing solution. You can use one magazine holder with one category of papers or document, or you can even buy upright tabbed file folders that work great for this. An example can be found by clicking here.

 Storage Ottomans And Chests

I absolutely love any kind of ottoman that also doubles as a storage space. Something like that can be great for filing things you don’t need to access very often, but in a way that still provides function to your area. Another great solution that I have seen is to convert an old storage chest into a makeshift filing cabinet. An example of that can be found here.

Whether you are looking to break up with your old filing cabinet, or if you are looking to start from scratch, there are plenty of solutions available where you can easily get to the things you need while still having something that looks great in your home or office.

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