Cleaning and Decluttering Dresser Drawers

For the past two weeks, we spent quite a bit of time organizing and decluttering household closets and going over the basics of Spring cleaning. I hope that you found some of the information inspiring enough to do some purging and cleaning of your own.

While I am good at decluttering my closet on a fairly regular basis, I often let my dresser drawers get a little too full before I take the time to declutter and clean them out. Unlike a closet where you may see it a few times every day, the drawers make it really easy to practice the out-of-sight, out-of-mind routine. If you don’t want to look at it…just close the drawer back up and think about it another day. Plus there are those drawers that you may rarely open. This week is a really good time to dive in and get them cleaned out.

The nice part about cleaning out drawers is that you have much smaller spaces to contend with than you did when cleaning your closet. This makes it easy to be able to commit to doing one or two drawers at a time when the time or mood suits you.

Empty the Drawer

Take everything out! You can empty it onto your bed, or onto the dresser top. This gives you a chance to wipe the drawer out, maybe even add a drawer liner if you are so inclined. You can also add some drawer organizers – compartment organizers for things like socks and underwear, or drawer dividers for t-shirts and tank tops. I’ve added links to some that I love (I get no compensation for the links…I just like the products).

Purge, Sort and Categorize

Once you have everything out and have the drawer cleaned out and ready to go, it’s time to sort through what you have. Pull out the things that you know you no longer need or want. Then sort the rest into categories so you can keep like items together. For example, separate long-sleeve t-shirts from short-sleeve. Separate dress socks from athletic socks.

Fold and Put it All Back!

Normally I would say just fold them and put them back. However, there are so many different ways to fold your items these days to maximize space and also have a clear view of what you have. If you have the time, give a quick search on YouTube and you will find multiple videos on how to fold t-shirts. Find the solution that works best for you, and fold away.

Once you have put everything back, remember to gather your items for trash, donation, or to sell. Once you have taken the project all the way to the finish line you can take a minute to congratulate yourself on another job well done.

Having an organized and decluttered home is a great step towards simplifying your life and boosting your productivity. If you find you need some help to start your home decluttering and organizing projects you can head over to my services page and use the links to schedule a consultation. Or, if you need some support and encouragement, I created the Organized Priorities Collective. This is a private Facebook group where you can get accountability, share your progress, and even ask questions. If this sounds like something you need, I would love to see you there. And, don’t forget to follow along on this blog, or social media for lots of tips to help you along the way.

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