Summer Is a Great Time to Start a Meal Planning Routine!

Hands down there are four words that can take me from feeling great to feeling defeated – “What should we eat?” And usually when those words are being uttered I have zero decision making power left in my body. With summer here (and being home so much!) it can be a double whammy because thoseContinue reading “Summer Is a Great Time to Start a Meal Planning Routine!”

Creating a Summer Schedule

Even though we have not made it to the official first day of summer, it feels like summer is already off and running…albeit running a little differently this year. I’m out of sorts, I’ll be honest. School ended a few weeks ago, I have a sassy teenager home and bored, we are still social distancing,Continue reading “Creating a Summer Schedule”

Getting Organized for a Summer at Home With Kids

The official start of the summer is just around the corner. The unfortunate part is that it is anyone’s guess what Pandemic Summer is going to be like. Whatever summer has on tap for us, it is still a good time to get organized for the warmer months ahead. The biggest uncertainty and disappointment forContinue reading “Getting Organized for a Summer at Home With Kids”

The Weekly Planning Wrap Up

In order to wrap up my last few posts about having a solid weekly plan, we’ve come to the place where we can put all the pieces together in a way that really helps. After you learn the benefits of a planning routine, tools to use, the basics for actually planning out your week andContinue reading “The Weekly Planning Wrap Up”

Decluttering Your Brain

One of the best ways to feel organized and productive is to manage your priorities, and have a plan to get them done. One of the best ways to feel unorganized and unproductive is to have a to do list with no direction, and no idea where to start. This is where prioritizing comes inContinue reading “Decluttering Your Brain”