Beyond Your Traditional Filing Cabinet

Earlier this month in one of my posts, I asked a question, “is it time to break up with your filing cabinet?” If you haven’t already read it, click here to access that post. It gives examples of the ways that you can organize papers so they’re easy to find and stored neatly. The postContinue reading “Beyond Your Traditional Filing Cabinet”

Is It Time to Break Up With Your Filing Cabinet?

One question that keeps coming up over and over is whether or not you still need a filing cabinet. We have become much more paperless than we have in the past, and more and more documents are being stored electronically. But what do you do with those things that are still hard copies, and stillContinue reading “Is It Time to Break Up With Your Filing Cabinet?”

Boost Your Productivity with an Inspiring Environment

My latest post is featured today on the Crabapple Communications Blog. You can check it out here. It has some helpful tips to create an inspiring environment that will give your productivity a boost.

How to Go From Home Office to Permanent Office

While some may have returned to physical office spaces, there are plenty of people that are still working from home and will be for some time. It also sounds like a lot of companies will be moving towards having their teams remote working permanently. That makeshift office you set up at the beginning of theContinue reading “How to Go From Home Office to Permanent Office”

Guest Blog – Tips and Tricks for Staying Productive with Your Marketing

Note: I am passionate about productivity and organization for both individuals and small businesses. However, I am equally passionate about supporting female owned small businesses and believe that we need to raise each other up whenever we can. So, I am so excited to feature my first guest Blogger – Georgina Miller, founder of CrabappleContinue reading “Guest Blog – Tips and Tricks for Staying Productive with Your Marketing”